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2021 Is Here! Is Your Sales Team Ready?

Now is the time for senior management to plan new strategic initiatives to hit their 2021 revenue goals. The tactics are clear. Provide sellers with the messaging, content, and training needed to hit the company’s revenue targets. However, this is simply not enough. Sellers must attain the competencies and confidence to execute upon these new […]

Content Marketing & Sales Attribution In the Smart Economy

You don’t need AI to better understand the basic information about the state of your business. However, AI tools help extend the ability to analyze that data for hidden patterns and opportunity to improve. Simply knowing how many new contacts were engaged by your sales team, how many calls and messages were shared with customers, […]

How Well-Documented Sales Processes Spur Sales Creativity

The best trapeze acts work without a net, and the results can ocassionally be disastrous when plans go wrong. Brands cannot assume their sales teams can work without a net, on pure intuition instead of using a well-documented sales process, without inviting the inevitable disastrous outcomes that result from poor planning. As the economy shifts […]

The Rules Of Duplication Are Changing

How do you keep up with the most important driver of success in direct-selling organizations? Duplication, the recruitment of a new distributor by an existing distributor, is the basic building block for expansion of revenue and sales opportunities. Duplication is being transformed by great coaching built on personalized to the seller using emerging tools and […]

Building Brand Trust In Gigged Markets

Trust is the currency of economic activity. Trust is the magic that humans bring to relationships. Trust is essential to the success of direct sellers and brands alike in the era of e-commerce and on-demand work. Are you building your company around the human interactions that complete the digital connection with customers who discover your […]

How Salespeople Can Start Selling On Day One

Helping a new distributor during the “golden two weeks,” when those enrollees who close their first sales or distributor enrollments are most likely to become a high-earning, long-term member of a direct selling network, is the best onboarding investment. Bar none. It moves the potential sales rep toward confidently repeating the company’s sales process. Getting new enrollees […]

Mapping The Sales Journey: Machine Optimizing Customer Experience

In the previous posting, we explained how to break down a content in an existing digital asset library into major categories, Onboarding, Prospect Development, Product Knowledge Development, and Sales Skills Improvement programming. Each of these phases of the distributor and customer journey must be inventoried and the expected outcomes to be produced by each asset […]

Onboarding to Machine Learning: Mapping Sales Processes

Improving a sales process with machine learning starts with a straightforward assessment of the existing content, including video, audio, text, graphics, and training, a company uses to onboard a new distributor to its policies and practices. These first steps, which set the stage for confident selling by new distributors, are essential to improving sales success […]

Getting Started With Machine Learning for Sales Content

Human insight and inspiration are the basis of solidly profitable applications of machine learning to sales processes. LifeVantage, which recently launched a Gig Economy Group-based sales app for its distributors, improved its sales and marketing alignment as part of their onboarding to machine learning. The GEG process builds on five principles that ensure clients onboard […]