The Value of PlayStreams™ – Targeted Sales Training Apps

The value of these PlayStreams™ are seen in the substantial lift in sales performance* that sellers gain once they have practiced how to message and engage with buyers.

For those of us in sales leadership roles, we know the minefields where new or inexperienced sellers get caught—or blown out of the water on a deal. For this, we are offering three of our best-performing PlayStreams™ to select sales leaders on a limited basis. They are Cross-sell/Up-sell, Win/Win, and Defining Your Perfect Prospect Profile. Download Now!

Here are use cases for each of the PlayStreams™.

Cross-sell/Up-sell. Sr. management mandates that salespeople cross-sell and up-sell; they want sellers to penetrate new accounts with their latest products. However, reps are comfortable selling existing products to existing customers—the easiest sale.

This PlayStream™ describes how AI-enabled technologies can help sellers become confident and competent at this aspect of selling. It provides real-world examples, such as how AI-opportunity scoring can help sellers focus on the best opportunities in their pipeline; rather than those they want to pursue.

Win/Win. Win/win is the basis of long-term relationships where repeat business and referrals from the buyer can be the norm.

This PlayStream™ shows how to create win/win relationships in today’s sales environment that is heavily buyer focused. It describes the implications of lose/lose, I win/you lose, I lose/you win.

Defining Your Perfect Prospect Profile. Sellers who work deals through the entire sales process only to find they have lost the deal often times have not defined, understood, or used their perfect prospect profile.

This PlayStream™ describes the concepts around defining your perfect prospect, why it’s important, and includes a workshop for the team to define their perfect prospect profile.

2021 is upon us! Now is the time to plan and begin executing to hit our revenue targets next year.

Click here to download our PlayStreams™ and start realizing the benefits now!

Contact Dave Toole, CEO of The Gig Economy Group to learn more about our PlayStreams™ and how we can help your sales organization in 2021.


* A Gig Economy Group customer with 70,000 reps improved the 1st dollar sold by new sellers by 250k% using PlayStreams™.