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Increasing Seller Performance to Outperform in 2021

It’s the most wonderful time of the year where the holidays are upon us and sales leaders are planning their revenue attainment strategies and the enablement tools to help sales hit their 2021 goals. There are literally thousands of sales enablement tools designed to help salespeople be more effective. With the impact of the Pandemic, […]

The Value of PlayStreams™ – Targeted Sales Training Apps

The value of these PlayStreams™ are seen in the substantial lift in sales performance* that sellers gain once they have practiced how to message and engage with buyers. For those of us in sales leadership roles, we know the minefields where new or inexperienced sellers get caught—or blown out of the water on a deal. […]

Jump Start 2021 with Actionable, Targeted Sales Training Apps

In the last couple of emails from the Gig Economy Group, we introduced our PlayStreams™ for sales professionals. PlayStreams™ are apps designed for the iPhone and Android to help sellers learn new sales training concepts, practice these concepts with prospects and customers, and ultimately have these practices ingrained as new selling behaviors. Here’s how it […]

Artificial Intelligence to Accelerate Team Innovation

Coming from Silicon Valley and being able to observe the contribution of those that have passed through the valley I have learned so much about the notion of problem solving and how tech can be applied to accelerate innovation and transformation. I’m not going to review what so many already have. Technology in support of […]

4 Communication Techniques to Create Marketing Qualified Leads

Lead generation begins with understanding your perfect prospect profile. It starts with identifying the demographics and psychographics of those companies that have the best strategic fit with your organization’s products, services, and values. Knowing your perfect prospect profile is the way for marketing to create targeted campaigns to elicit interest in your company’s solutions and […]

Artificial Intelligence – Delivering Results Via Enhanced Communications

As described in our last email, LifeVantage partnered with the Gig Economy Group to develop and deliver an AI-driven mobile communications application that effectively guides each seller step-by-step through a set of communications and selling processes that helps them to achieve increased sales volumes in less time than before. In this follow up email, we’ll […]

Artificial Intelligence – Changing How We Communicate

When thinking of Artificial Intelligence (AI), images of space ships and space men come to mind. While AI is likely part of Elon Musk’s company Space Exploration Technologies where they manufacture space transportation services, AI is actually part of today’s every-day business applications. A case in point. The Gig Economy Group created an AI-enabled application […]

Sales Enablement’s Top Priorities

As stated in our last email, communications and messaging are the most critical aspects of any successful sales transformation initiatives. Our experts at the Gig Economy Group are not the only ones to know the significance of this. We reached out to our research partner, Sales Mastery to see what their latest study of over […]

Communications & Messaging Critical to Sales Transformation

To remain competitive, organizations must introduce new strategic sales transformation initiatives, whether it’s expanding into emerging markets, acquiring or merging with complementary companies, or introducing new products, these initiatives must be successfully executed for the company to realize the projected revenues tied to the initiative. Sales transformation investments required to support any new strategic initiative […]

Approach to Successful Sales Transformation Initiatives

Introduction The world of B2B sales has never experienced the rate of change that is occurring today due to COVID-19. Since the pandemic interrupted business as usual earlier in the year, companies immediately sent their work forces home, and for the first time ever, the vast majority of businesses are now operating remotely. We are […]