Our AI platform is processing hundreds of thousands of contacts in motion and millions of personal interactions. This in turn helps you obtain best in class performance by recommending the best content, messaging, meetings, products and services that should be shared to move new relationships through the business funnel.

Best Practices Delivered Across Your Remote Worker Network.

Business Transformation is happening in months not years because of the Pandemic. Over $26,041 per employee per year is lost because of mis-communications. $37 Billion a year in lost income. Information overload redirects the attention from the primary goals of an organization. What if there were an easy way to mobilize your workforce to get things done?

Rapid Onboarding

We provide a convenient mobile application that helps someone with little knowledge of your offerings get up to speed in what it takes to deliver customers and revenue.

Shared Best Practices

Systematize a repeatable sales and business journey and tune it in real time with our “”What’s Next”” engine that predicts the next best steps to increase goals to grow your business.

Predictive Performance

We predict who will sell and who will buy in your Gig Economy Network or your personal Independent Business.

Measurable Results

We provide corporate KPI dashboards to help you manage your business and make real-time decisions. Individuals will also have KPI dashboard that provide visibility to your network performance, drive incremental revenue and a better customer experience

Up to 19%

higher sales in first 90 days

Up to 29%

increase in profitability

Up to 72%

lower sales turnover

Creating the Future of Business

The growing prevalence of today’s On Demand Economy is profoundly changing the dynamics of the world of business – influencing markets and customer quality expectations

Companies seek to find ever possible competitive advantage as they adjust to the new reality of the work from home economy, new ways of doing business must be deployed for survival and rapidly driven to best practices at everyone’s fingertips via mobile technology providing a guided pathway to success.

Increasing Revenue by bringing your team to top tier performance through machine learning, guiding your team to best in class performance.

Playstreams provide guided pathways for teams to adapt to the rapidly changing environment and deliver your intended goals and outcomes. Bringing mobile empowerment through content, communications and clear pathways to success.

Customers are looking for those innovative companies that deliver results. Customers seek alignment of goals between a company’s capabilities and what remote workers are now tasked with doing. Customers will now more than ever demand a more knowledgeable and responsive experience that anticipates and understands their needs.

Personalized. Mobile. Always Learning.

Imagine having immediate access to the collective experience and intelligence of your entire sales organization. What if this were available as a sales rep’s most trusted and proactive assistant. Well, you don’t have to imagine anymore.

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