Jump Start 2021 with Actionable, Targeted Sales Training Apps

In the last couple of emails from the Gig Economy Group, we introduced our PlayStreams™ for sales professionals.

PlayStreams™ are apps designed for the iPhone and Android to help sellers learn new sales training concepts, practice these concepts with prospects and customers, and ultimately have these practices ingrained as new selling behaviors. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Managers communicate the new learning – sellers will need to practice the training to become proficient.

Step 2: Managers engage the entire sales team in practicing the new selling behaviors.

Step 3: Practicing will result in new behaviors that will become second nature to sellers.

Step 4: Measuring results are an integral part of the PlayStreams™ app.

Step 5: The PlayStreams™ Recommendation Engine will recommend the very best next steps a seller can take to not only learn the concept but to close more business quickly.

Click here to download our PlayStreams™ to see how these apps can benefit your sales team.

Best regards,

Dave Toole, CEO
The Gig Economy Group