2021 Is Here! Is Your Sales Team Ready?

Now is the time for senior management to plan new strategic initiatives to hit their 2021 revenue goals. The tactics are clear. Provide sellers with the messaging, content, and training needed to hit the company’s revenue targets. However, this is simply not enough. Sellers must attain the competencies and confidence to execute upon these new initiatives.

Upsell Example. Management knows that to hit their targets, sales needs to sell the newer, more expensive widget. It’s not negotiable. Sales must sell it. But sellers aren’t comfortable selling the new widget and they are certain they can hit their quota selling the older, less expensive widget.

So, how do sales leaders go about helping their sales teams to not only be proficient in selling the new widget, but to be so competent selling it that the old widget becomes a product of the past?

Answer: PlayStreams™ from the Gig Economy Group. PlayStreams™ are AI-driven, mobile-enabled apps designed to deliver salient messaging, content, and targeted micro-training to sellers so they can successfully execute their company’s initiatives. Salespeople can practice how to message and engage with buyers so they gain the proficiencies needed to confidently sell the company’s strategic initiatives.

The Gig Economy Group’s Up-sell/Cross-Sell PlayStream™ is the solution to management’s upsell problem. It shows sellers exactly how to engage buyers so they purchase their new, more expensive widget. The app delivers easy-to-use, relevant, mobile messaging and content with micro-training to ensure salespeople are fully equipped to execute on the new strategy and ultimately close deals.

The Gig Economy Group has worked with 1000s of sales teams to improve sales performance. Most notably is where they improved the 1st dollar sold by new sellers by 250k% using its AI-driven, mobile-enabled Adaptive Sales as a Service Platform. The results speak for themselves.


Now is the time.


Not tomorrow.

Click here for an engaging presentation on how the Gig Economy Group can make a significant impact on your company’s bottom line. At the end, download our mobile PlayStreams™ on Cross-sell/Up-sell, Win/Win, and Defining Your Perfect Prospect Profile.


Kim Cameron

Sales Enablement Analyst

The Gig Economy Group