Increasing Seller Performance to Outperform in 2021

It’s the most wonderful time of the year where the holidays are upon us and sales leaders are planning their revenue attainment strategies and the enablement tools to help sales hit their 2021 goals.

There are literally thousands of sales enablement tools designed to help salespeople be more effective. With the impact of the Pandemic, priorities have shifted on many fronts. Communications and sales team training continues to be a major part of enablement strategies. There are many ways to deliver training; the traditional class room setting where it is hard to get adoption and measure outcomes. Microlearning is quickly becoming the number one choice for company’s because it is deemed the most effective form of training and retention rates are 17% more effective than other training approaches.1 This coupled with real-time communications will help sales teams achieve best-in-class in 2021 and beyond.

The Gig Economy Group has applied AI to translate microlearning that delivers short 5-10-minute practice sessions in bite-sized modules via mobile devices. It includes real-time recommendations for what’s next. It’s designed for quick, just-in-time learning. If a rep needs to learn their company’s best practices for competing against a competitor, microlearning can help develop the skills that top-tier performers use to convert, so they are armed and prepared before a call.

These rapid sales team trainings come with the added benefit of greatly reduced development costs and greatly increased speed of development and deployment. Those companies whose microlearning platforms allow for an easy way to create, update, and deploy microlearning modules without IT are the ones that will win big in microlearning.

If your sales organization is looking to achieve top-tier performance in 2021, the Gig Economy Group is pleased to introduce its AI guided team coaching platform where you can choose from a library of preconfigured microlearning modules called PlayStreams™ or you can create your own sales training modules with our powerful PlayStream™ Configurator App. No longer do you need to spend weeks to develop a “Playbook.” There is no need for IT involvement as the Configurator App is simple and it’s easy to create, update, and deploy targeted, custom PlayStreams™.

It would be our pleasure to demonstrate the capabilities of our microlearning platform so you can see the power of PlayStreams™ and the ease with which you can quickly create targeted, just-in-time performance modules to help your sales teams to not only hit the road running, but to exceed their revenue goals in 2021.

Our experienced team is comprised of leaders who have delivered sales transformation projects that delivers best-in-class performance. The Gig Economy Group’s Digital Engagement Frameworks starts with an assessment with small steps to big impact.

We would love to learn more about your efforts and share some experiences that have delivered adoption of new practices that lifted sales teams to top-tier performance. From the entire Gig Economy Group, we wish you the very best this holiday season.

Best regards,

Dave Toole, CEO
The Gig Economy Group