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How to Solve Your Communications Gaps to Drive Increased Revenue

Prior to the global COVID-19 pandemic, most companies’ world-wide workforce worked in a traditional office environment where employees commuted to the office and worked their shift under the watchful eye of their manager. Managers were hesitant to allow workers to work from home. One of the biggest reasons was trust; they were unsure if their […]

The High Cost of Communication Misalignment in B2B Companies

When looking at the high cost of communication misalignment across enterprise B2B companies with approximately 100,000 employees we were astonished to find that $62.4M is lost to the bottom line. 1 This equals $624.00 per employee. A mid-size company with approximately 100 employees will lose about $500K to the bottom line. This equal $5000.00 per […]

The Future of IT Webinar Series: Gig Economy

About this webinar How are you leveraging a flexible workforce within technology? How has your IT turnover rate changed and what do you anticipate it will look like in the future? What type of knowledge transfer plans do you have in place and how are you ramping up temporary team members rapidly? Join us as […]