Lifting Business Performance to Best in Class

Every business starts with revenue lift. GEG provides pathways to encourage engagement that better serves a remote worker, tuning with machine learning in real time to recommend next steps. Easy to build pathways with content, communications and the flow that engages the best.

Rapid Onboarding and Training

Most on boarding takes you to many places to get up to speed in Ad Hoc journey’s. The GEG app provides your clear repeatable actionable steps that have been demonstrated to improve first dollar sold by over 400%, bringing performance to 5 star, increasing revenue and service. Improves retention and lifetime value of those you are engaging with.

Shared Best Practices

Most organizations have a small percentage of leaders that drive the best business performance. What if you could bring the remaining 90% into the top tier? With the on boarding of new remote workers it is critical to capture best practices and spread them fast. We can share how we do this faster and with greater impact if you care to read our whitepaper,

Predictive Performance

How do we make sure all the things that need to get done are aligned and delivered? Our platform uses Artificial Intelligence to determine the best practices and then recommend specific content and concierge services based on what’s most effective across your organization. By following the recommended actions, the Performance Engagement Platform PEP360, can determine who will be successful while also directly improving performance.

Superior User Experience

The needs and experience of Organizations coming together in new ways is unique. The mobile experience is shaped with your look and feel. Our workflow configurator makes the journey easy to put in place with the best content and communications pathways to better business success. An AI Coach grows with you to better serve your clients.

Measurable Results

The system tracks every social interaction so you can see progress in real time. Best understand where things are moving and where they aren’t. Providing your network with a Personal Concierge will bring more loyalty to your freelance network to lift performance. Data visualization provides line of site to your entire network and what creates forward motion.

Up to


higher sales in first 90 days

Up to


increase in profitability

Up to


lower sales turnover