Lifting Sales to Best in Class Performance

How do you increase sales 10%? GEG circulates best practices to help everyone perform like your A players. Through machine learning and artificial inteligence, GEG tunes not only the sales journey in real time, but the sales collateral, communication messaging and marketing content.

Rapid Onboarding and Training

The GEG app provides clear repeatable steps for onboarding into your company, from signing up to understanding your company values and products. Each action and piece of content will be delivered and tracked. This allows the new team member to move through onboarding as fast as they wish, while letting leadership know who is on track and who may need some support.

Shared Best Practices

By systematizing a repeatable sales journey, GEG provides a prescriptive next step through our “What’s Next?” engine. This empowers your sales team at every step of the buyer journey, greatly increasing the probability of success

Predictive Performance

How do we identify who will sell and who will buy? Our platform uses Artificial Intelligence to determine the best practices and then recommend specific content and sales collateral based on what’s most effective across your organization. By following the reccomended actions, the GEG platform can determine who will be successful while also directly improving performance.

Superior User Experience

The needs and experience of every sales rep are unique. We deliver a highly personalized experience in which content is easily accessible and AI driven coaching provides increased success. Our Action Cards simplify and speed the sales process by providing reps with their next logical step in the customer journey. Our unified mobile platform supports the development of a motivated, always learning, and increasingly successful sales team regardless of the level of experience.

Measurable Results

GEG tracks every action from transactions to communication, from content consumption to engagement. We provide both individuals and corporate KPI dashboards to help you manage and drive incremental revenue. With an intelligent platform that minimizes time to market, sales rep enthusiasm and commitment increase, turnover falls, and sales and revenues increase.

Up to


higher sales in first 90 days

Up to


increase in profitability

Up to


lower sales turnover