Sales Enablement’s Top Priorities

As stated in our last email, communications and messaging are the most critical aspects of any successful sales transformation initiatives. Our experts at the Gig Economy Group are not the only ones to know the significance of this. We reached out to our research partner, Sales Mastery to see what their latest study of over 500 B2B sales professionals said their top sales enablement priorities were.

The following chart from Sales Mastery shows that the number one priority for sales professionals for the remainder of this year and into next is to optimize their value messaging.


This is not a surprise because communication and messaging are the cornerstones of any prosperous business. It is how employees and management interact with each other to reach strategic organizational goals.

There are many aspects of communications to look at; however, we’ll focus on two major challenges associated with poor or misaligned communications and messaging.

First are the extraordinary costs. In our last email, we stated the cumulative cost per employee per worker was $26,041 as a direct result of communications barriers. To further illustrate the high cost of communication misalignment, when looking across enterprise B2B companies with approximately 100,000 employees we were astonished to find that $62.4M is lost to the bottom line. 1 This equals $624.00 per employee. A mid-size company with approximately 100 employees will lose about $500K to the bottom line. This equal $5000.00 per employee. All of these numbers are incredibly astonishing!

Second is the missed opportunity when rolling out new strategic sales transformation initiatives. Management has spent an inordinate amount of time and resources to determine which sales transformation projects will put them ahead of the competition or keep their current competitive advantage. Communications and messaging are at the forefront of sales transformation initiatives—whether it’s training the sales force, developing new products and services, or investing in new infrastructure—each aspect of a sales transformation initiative needs an effective communication plan in place where each employee understands their unique role and how to execute upon it.

We look forward to sharing more information with you around communications and messaging.

If you are interested in exploring how to bring speed into your transformation and seeing how other companies have successfully implemented strategic sales transformation initiatives, and as a result have increased their bottom line, I invite you to reach out to me to schedule a 30-minute overview.