Lifting up to your Potential

This is about Lift. The desire to lift the potential of those around us. I chose this “Gig” as my attempt to lift the performance of Independent Business Owners as a start. We believe that we can bring best in class performance to tens of thousands that lift up those that have not had the time as they say “in tall grass.” Another words, they haven’t had the time to build the experience. What if you had the expert next to you to help lift you up in real time?

For so long in business we used sports metaphors to help employee’s relate to business success stories. I will take a different approach and use music to relate to business success. Sport appeals to mostly men and music appeals to us all, including woman. What a novel concept. I hope I can do justice to this. That’s not to say I have not used or been involved in many sports stories for business. I worked on a project called “The Winning Spirit” with Joe Montana the legendary quarterback. He preached repetition of your goal to get there faster and with better quality. We’ll take a tour on how to help Gig Economy Networks thrive in the new economy and how being able to have real time recommendations can take you to a higher level.

The greatest maturity in providing lift is when it happens between people, not by directives from management. The best musical performances are when people with different backgrounds come together and make something happen that they would not be able to on their own. Think of the Beatles and how they were able to work with each other to produce so many unique songs. They were produced by George Martin, some say the 5th Beatle. He was able to lift them up to greater heights. Lifting up. As an Independent Business Owner we don’t typically have a producer, coach, mentor at our side. We now have the tools to do this in real time.

The Gig Economy is new. There are good things about it as it is now employing tens of millions of workers and it is also untested in how the policies should be administered to make sure there is a fair balance in the relationship between companies that see the opportunity and the labor practices that we are accustomed to. This will take some ups and downs before it settles down. I get excited about the opportunity to help contribute to this.

Do you remember when you were a teenager you had some stand out moments that you still remember today? I first came across the term “gig” when I was a teenager and learned that I could make some extra money playing a gig with my band. Meeting girls was an added benefit, but making money playing music could bring in some income was a cool proposition. It worked out well as we found ourselves in the middle of the Bay Area music explosion and got some pretty nice “gigs”

The word Gig today has many connotations. A “side hustle” can bring in extra income and is easier to line up from what has come before. The downside is that many networks have been launched on the backs of freelance workers. We are at a point historically that we need to define the role of gig workers and their relationship with the networks they perform in. This is not easy and has been a struggle over many generations.

Today is Labor Day. It acknowledges the hard work that goes into making our nation what it is. We have had the good fortune of having some of the brightest people and the greatest amount of opportunities that surround us. This has distinguished the U.S. in many ways. We should take a moment and appreciate the opportunity for someone to become successful if they so desire.
There are so many stories of those that had little, that rose up the ranks with their internal drive and support from those around them to step into a better place.

We have lost the upward mobility of the masses. Other countries like China are able to lift up the standard of living to a far greater number of people from what we can. Is it technology, competitiveness, policy or we’ve just had it so good over the years? We need to talk about this and find a way to lift up once again.

We need to define what would serve us the most in the Gig Economy. We are in the midst of redefining the Future of Work and for that matter how we spend our time on a daily basis. The new digital capabilities create a lot of change in how we all relate. From work to play. We hope to contribute to future success stories as to how the Gig Economy can lift the Labor market in new ways. Please join us on this journey.