Artificial Intelligence – Changing How We Communicate

When thinking of Artificial Intelligence (AI), images of space ships and space men come to mind. While AI is likely part of Elon Musk’s company Space Exploration Technologies where they manufacture space transportation services, AI is actually part of today’s every-day business applications.

A case in point. The Gig Economy Group created an AI-enabled application for LifeVantage, a publicly traded, direct selling, company whose sole purpose was to create a communication’s vehicle designed to improve the messaging and interactions between corporate, their distributors, and their new distributors.

The problem LifeVantage faced was that their independent sellers were typically between the ages of 45 and 60 who are looking to supplement their income and most likely didn’t have the communications acumen required in business to effectively present solutions to customers.

Additionally, LifeVantage had some loosely connected apps to support their business and its communications, but they weren’t intelligent—meaning they weren’t learning over time and weren’t optimizing the distributor’s sales performance. Because of this, LifeVantage didn’t have their finger on the pulse of their business.

They looked to the Gig Economy Group to develop an application from the ground up using AI and machine learning that could recommend the optimal communication practices and methodologies for any situation.

By partnering with the Gig Economy Group, LifeVantage was able to provide to their entire distributor network of 70,000 independent consultants in 19 countries, an AI-driven, mobile app solution that effectively guides each seller step-by-step through a set of communications and selling processes that helps them to achieve increased sales volumes in less time than before. The app, through a series of communication prompts successfully onboards new distributors in a consistent manner, provides coaching and mentoring when it is needed, and delivers best practices to their entire distribution network. All of this, and more, was accomplished through the Gig Economy Group’s AI-powered communications application with its recommendation engine—substantially improving LifeVantage’s bottom line.

In our next email, we’ll share with you some of the extraordinary benefits LifeVantage attained by implementing the Gig Economy Group’s AI-driven mobile communications app.

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