Activate your Remote Workers with Pivot Plans

When Andy Grove Changed Intel’s Mission Statement

In September 1999, Andy Grove, co-founder and the then chairman of Intel, came to London and announced that Intel had changed its mission statement to become the ‘building block supplier to the Internet economy’ from the old mission statement which was to be ‘the building block supplier to the new computer industry’.

Before this announcement was made Andy Grove expressed his teams new direction and pivoted Intel’s tens of thousands of employees in weeks. Many of my peers did this in their own global businesses. We are doing this with billions of people at the same time today. No way a vector diagram could track this. In the Gig Economy a loose knit labor market, those that came from the Industrial complex of those in local markets this pivot is being place on all of us. We woke up and now have a new reality with uncertainty ahead of us. This is when Innovation has to occur at scale to find ways to help our front line health workers or find innovative ways to redefine commerce. Hopefully this will be done in support of all the stakeholders in our society.

We have decades of experience in the rapid pivot, some call this agile, others call this a global emergency to re-align our interests to support the path of least resistance to get beyond this virus. Within our business, family, social interactions will change faster than we can adapt but need to find ways to align to actions. We have a long way to go and the Gig Economy Group is dedicating itself to help organization align their remote workers. Every morning people are waking up and engaging with new tools and ways to communicate. Keeping everyone on the same page is hard during face to face meetings, yet alone around the globe, yet alone with a whole new economic construct. Let’s find the best ways to help connect, collaborate and get things done.